We get plenty of questions about our food and restaurants from our fans, so we decided to bundle some of the more common ones together below. But don’t worry, if your question isn’t listed here, feel free to email ‘The Don’ at and ask.

When are you opening other stores around Australia?

Vapiano is fair dinkum about getting our delicioso flavours out to the four corners of Australia, but, just like our fabulous pizzas, good things take time! We just opened in Garden City this December with many more restaurants to follow in the future. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more Vapiano store opening info!

Can you give me some nutritional information?

Nutritional information on food is generally reserved for fast food restaurants and for packaged foods, something that we at Vapiano are most definitely not! Rest assured that Vapiano aims to use only the freshest organic local produce and uses semolina flour in all our regular pasta and pizza, and 100% wholegrain durum flour in our wholegrain pasta.

Our fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are sourced from farms locally within the states that we operate in ensuring that you get the very best in fresh local food.  Fresco is besto!

Our wholegrain durum flour is organically farmed in the Clare Valley in South Australia by 5th generation farmers.

Our cheese is produced by Italian migrant cheese makers in Melbourne who use century old recipes to create world-class cheese.

And those who’ve visited our restaurants will know for sure that our basil is as fresh as physically possible, as it grows in-store! You bloody bella!

If you’re looking for something that’s easy on the hips, The Don suggests any tomato-based pastas, such as the Pomodoro, Arrabiata, Pomodoro Spinaci or the Gamberi. If you want that extra kick of goodness, try any of our tomato-based pastas with our wholegrain pasta featuring wholegrain wheat flour lovingly produced in South Australia’s beautiful Clare Valley by Pangkarra Farms. It’s organic, hand-milled, made from 100% durum wheat and, what’s more important, it’s absolutely delicious! Wholegrain pasta is naturally healthier for you than regular pasta, with more fibre and less calories per serving.

What payment options do you accept?

Vapiano accepts cash and EFTPOS as well as VISA and Mastercard. Sorry, but at the moment we don’t take Diners Club and as of 1st April 2014 none of our restaurants will accept AMEX.

Do you take bookings?

Vapiano is more than happy to accommodate group bookings, so for all your group booking enquiries, simply use the booking form on each individual restaurant page or call the restaurant you want to go to direct. The minimum requirement for a group booking is ten people.

I have allergies. Can you tell me what’s in your food?

All of our ingredients are listed on our menu both in-store and online, so make sure you check to ensure it suits your dietary requirements. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact ‘The Don’ at

What types of pasta do you have?

We make our pasta fresh daily and have Penne, Fusilli, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Campanelle, Linguine and Ravioli and you can have our 17 sauces with most of the pasta shapes. We also serve gluten-free gnocchi. In addition to these, we have two wholegrain pasta options that use freshly made organic whole-flour.

Do you provide takeaway?

Love Vapiano but you have to fly? No problemo! Vapiano offers take-away service at all hours so don’t stress! Simply pop in to order, watch our chefs prepare your food fresh as fresh can be in front of your eyes and take your fabuloso food away with you. Fantastico!